Eligibility and Conditions of entry

Pride WA’s Pride Parade is a platform for LGBTQI communities to celebrate who they are and to communicate a message relevant to the LGBTQI communities, as well non-LGBTQI organisations to communicate a message of support for LGBTQI people.

1.    To be eligible to enter the Parade, you must meet one of the below:

•    LGBTQI’s – An entry by LGBTQI individuals, community groups or organisations primarily involving LGBTQI people. Organisations must be able to prove their main aim is to serve or include the LGBTQI communities.

•    Non-LGBTQI’s – An entry by individuals, group or organisations who do not identify as LGBTQI but supports the rights, achievements, culture and aspirations of the LGBTQI communities. These entries must communicate a clear message of support or celebration relating to the LGBTQI communities and must not use an abbreviation of LGBTQI. These entries are not to sell themselves or what they do unless they are directly promoting how they support or celebrate LGBTQI communities or individuals.

2.    All entries must be an accurate representation of the details supplied in their application form. Applications should:

•    Provide a detailed creative concept (preferably with visual supporting documents) to ensure Pride WA has a clear understanding of the concept, artistic ideas, production values and any messaging/themes.

•    Provide drawings of all four sides of the vehicle (if using one), the layout of all participants in relation to the vehicle, and any wording that will be displayed on signage. Corporate signage/ uniforms/ t-shirts which feature corporate logos must also feature a sufficiently visible message of support for the LGBTQI community.

•    Outline how the entry relates to the 2021 PrideFEST theme (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.).

3.    All entries must not be discriminatory, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, incite hatred or breach any defamation law. Entries will not be accepted from organisations who have demonstrated any of the above in previous Parades or in their general business.

4.    All entries must meet the messaging, operational, safety and sponsorship guidelines set out by Pride WA. Pride WA reserves the right to refuse participation from entries that have breached Parade regulations in previous years.

5.   Please note that the Parade may be cancelled for health/ COVID-19 reasons by the relevant authorities without notice. Pride WA is working closely with the relevant authorities and agencies to keep entrants informed as promptly as possible, if the Parade is not allowed to proceed.               


1.    Submit your completed Parade Application form online by 5pm Thu 23 Sep 2021. This must include the supporting documents for your creative concept.

2.    The Parade Sub-Committee will assess all applications based on the below selection criteria:

•    Meeting the eligibility and conditions of entry

•    Providing a well-designed creative concept

•    Ability to plan and deliver the creative concept safely

•    Benefit and relevance to LGBTQI communities

•    Relevance to the 2020 PrideFEST theme

Under no circumstances will Pride WA alter or make exceptions to the selection criteria to match an individual application.

If we receive more applications than our total capacity allows and your application has met the selection criteria, Pride WA may review your application based on previous Parade history and support of LGBTQI communities. Additionally, LGBTQI organisations will receive first preference.

3.    Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their entry on Fri 1 Oct 2021.

4.    Successful applicants will need to complete the following steps:

•    Submit payment for the Parade entry fee by Sun 10 Oct 2021.

•    Consult with Pride WA if there may be any changes to the entry. Only minor changes that do not impact the entry’s ability to meet the selection criteria may be accepted by Fri 12 Nov 2021.

Successful applicants must also provide additional information related to their Parade entry (e.g. driver details), by Fri 12 Nov 2021 and attend the Parade Entrants Briefing session at 6pm Wed 17 Nov 2021 (venue TBC). This session is mandatory for all Entrants and TWO representatives from the group must attend. The Pride WA Parade team will review logistics, safety regulations and other important information, as well as provide the necessary registration or accreditation paperwork required for the event day.


Pride WA charges a small fee to Entrants to meet a small proportion of the core costs of staging the Parade. Fees are set according to the organisation type/size and number of participants in the entry.

Payment is only required for successful applications and must be paid by 5pm Sun 10 Oct 2021. Final acceptance into the Parade will not be granted until your entry fee payment has been received by Pride WA. This fee is non-refundable.

CategoryPrice (inc. GST)Description
Individual$44Up to 5 persons not belonging to any of the other categories below.
Unfunded Community/ Political Group$154“Unfunded” means no income arising from another source apart from members. We may require proof that community groups are operating as a not-for-profit.
Funded Community/ Political Group$440“Funded” means receiving income to fund its operations.
LGBTQI-owned/ operated business or government$1320Private enterprise owned or majority operated by LGBTQI persons or entities with ties to local, state or federal government.

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