PrideFEST 2019 Archive

PrideFEST 2019 was one of the most successful PrideFESTs in Pride WA history. With over 40 different events stage across Western Australia, PrideFEST 2019 hosted the largest Fairday we have ever seen and saw over 25,000 people flood the streets of Northbridge in Perth for the 2019 Perth Pride Parade.

The theme for the 2019 festival was Reflect: Heros, Love, Identity, & Community; a homage to our LGBTQIA+ elders and their achievements throughout the years. At the centre of that theme was the 30th anniversary of the historic March on Parliament, where over 300 people walked through the Perth City Centre and onto the steps of parliament, demanding the decriminalisation of homosexuality. As well as achieving their goal and catalysing LGBTQIA+ rights, the March on Parliament was also the genesis of Pride WA and the Perth Pride Parade. And for this, WE SAY THANK YOU!


The 2019 Perth Pride Parade was the largest Pride Parade we have ever seen, with over 110 floats and more than 5,000 people walking in the event. The parade was so large, registrations for the event hit capacity for the first time ever. Photos from the night, taken by the amazing Luke Riley Creative, can be found on our Facebook photo gallery.


PrideFEST 2019 saw Fairday return to its home in Hyde Park, and what a success it was. Over 2000 people flocked onto the beautiful park aread, enjoying the sun, entertainment and social life. With over 100 different stalls showcasing the best of the LGBTQAI+ community in Western Australia, Fairday was yet another success for Pride WA in 2019. Photos from the day, taken by the amazing Luke Riley Creative, can be found on our Facebook photo gallery.


As always, PrideFEST would not be possible without our amazing partners. 2019 saw new faces join some of our long time friends to support Pride WA and make PrideFEST 2019 the best event yet. Thank you once again for your support.