Pride WA

about us


Pride WA has been an integral part of the Western Australian community since 1989. We grew out of a community movement protesting laws that actively discriminated against members of the LGBTQIA+ community and have since evolved into the primary organisation that celebrates the vibrant and diverse LGBTQIA+ community of Western Australia. Pride WA (Pride Western Australia Incorpated) is a not-for-profit member-based organisation that produces the annual PrideFEST festival celebrated in the month of November.
In addition to the annual pride month celebrations, we encourage positive change and acceptance for the LGBQTIA+ community through supporting community groups, charities, and service providers with advocacy, resources, and activation. Pride WA champions queer artists, creatives, sport, and community through the management of the Pride Piazza (aka Northbridge Piazza) and other year-round events.
We recognise that our collective strength lies in our diversity and willingness to embrace and respect the differences within our own pride community and the broader communities in which we live, work, love, and celebrate.

Embrace Diversity | Celebrate Equality


Australia is a country with a largely open-minded population. Western Australia, especially, is welcoming to the LGBTQIA+ community, with festivals such as PrideFest attracting tourists from all over the world.
Perth offers big-city cultural attractions, bountiful nature, a relaxed lifestyle and far more things to do for visitors than we had ever anticipated. Modern Perth is sophisticated, cosmopolitan and welcome-to-all, with a vibrant nightlife scene filled with gay and mixed venues.

Our Mission

To encourage and promote the community and culture of Western Australia’s gender and sexually diverse people by supporting, advancing and educating the specific needs of all people of diverse sexuality and gender living in Western Australia.

Our Vision

To be the leading community body, empowering and inspiring inclusivity for Western Australia’s gender and sexually-diverse community.
Pride WA’s mission, vision, and principal purpose are to encourage and promote community, culture and the arts in Western Australia by celebrating the diversity, unique talents, and identities of our sexual and gender-diverse community.

Meet the team

Pride WA is an incorporated association governed by a volunteer board and headed by a CEO.

Life Members

Pride WA would like to extend our gratitude to our life members as they have made extraordinary contributions to our LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Ricky Arnold
  • Andrew Barker
  • Tim Bowyer
  • Tim Brown
  • Frances Burgess
  • Dean Cahill
  • Jeremy Campbell-Wray
  • Sarah Collins
  • Stephen Dawson
  • Michael Della Maddalena
  • Sharlene Dixon
  • Sue Fisher
  • Laura Foster
  • Graham Grundy
  • Catherine Janssen
  • Kerry Jaxon
  • Graham Lovelock
  • Gavin McGuren
  • Sally Nagy
  • Brian Poleykett
  • Marcus Remta
  • Michelle Rigg
  • Michelle Rogers
  • Jessica Siebermaier
  • Daniel Smith
  • Choon Tan
  • Teresa Teal
  • Shaun Temby
  • Bonnita Travers
  • Ruth Wykes